My Horses

Stuteri Nattgård - The breed for the fastidious one!


Abba f. Flugsael

Father Gullfeti f. Árbakka and mother Náttfreyja fra Flugsæl are both from the old bloodline on Iceland - Kolkuós. The one I've been dreaming of to have and I look forward to our future. 


Bikkja f. Nattgård

Father Limbo f. Änghaga and mother Dimbra f. Hemmestorp. Two old breedinglines become one. This one always makes her best and she's loving it.


Dimbra f. Hemmestorp

Father Aegir f. Skeppargården and mother Gledi f. Stokkseyri. Dimbra is a very sensitive mare and when I first met her she didn't like humans. She's pregnant with Galdur från Sundabakka.